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The good vibes tincture has numerous positive reviews from happy customers. Customers claim they feel more cheerful, more positive, and have had better dreams. The product has 3.5 stars on Amazon with 263 reviews from actual customers. The product's remarkable results are assured by the testimonials written by happy customers. The product is extremely efficient, fast-acting, and is recommended for people who wish to experience the benefits of Tommy Chong's positive vibes oil without the hassle of experimenting with new products.

Energy tincture

You'll need an tincture like Tommy Chong's Good Vibes Energy Tincture to benefit from CBD oil and hemp oil. This formula has 100mg of Full Spectrum Nano CBD. It supports your natural energy and focus. The ingredients in this tincture comprise CBD hemp extract caffeine, taurine, and vitamins B6. They're also gluten-freeand soy-free and GMO-free.

Good Vibes CBD can be taken as a shot similar to the tincture. The shots contain CBD as well as caffeine and other ingredients known to give you an energy boost. The Good Vibes energy shots are different from the tincture. They do not cause jitteriness and other side effects. They provide the same benefits as regular tea or coffee, but come in a convenient 30-ml size. Good Vibes Energy shots are free from artificial ingredients. They are also flavored with mixed berry flavors. They also contain 20 mg of nano CBD.

Online purchases of the Good Vibes Energy Tincture can be purchased. A 30-day supply of the product can be purchased online for only $10. Be aware that some CBD products do not have the advertised dosage of CBD and are made up of inferior hemp. This means that you should be aware of the product's labeling prior to buying. Tommy Chong's Good Vibes CBD Tincture can be tried for a 30-day trial. If you opt to join his trial-and-error service it will cost $10

Sleeping tincture

Like many cannabis products, Tommy Chongs' Nice Dreams Sleep Tincture has CBD. It's designed for a nightly routine or daily routine. This tincture has 100 mg of Nano CBD along with other tested sleep-related ingredients, such as GABA, melatonin and hemp extract. In contrast to other CBD tinctures, it also contains stevia and sucralose making it slightly sweeter than a standard tincture.

Tommy Chong's CBD was created in the U.S. and uses organic hemp from American farmers to create his CBD products. In addition to CBD tinctures, Tommy's hemp products are all-natural, full spectrum, and nano homogenized. The Good Vibe CBD tincture uses nano-CBD, which is a pure form of cannabis, which can increase energy levels and focus. It is ideal for all ages, and is suitable for anyone, even children.

Another option for those who need extra energy is the Good Vibes Energy Tincture. The product is made up of Nano CBD, which is an effective energy boost that doesn't trigger the afternoon crash. It is also caffeine-free so it won't cause jittery shivers the next day. The Good Vibes Tincture also contains full-spectrum CBD, which is the most bioavailable form. It has been shown to aid in calming the mind and promote a peaceful night's sleep.


If you're seeking a top-quality CBD supplement Tommy Chongs CBD might be the perfect product for you. These pills are infused with both GABA and taurine, which makes them more potent than regular CBD. Tommy Chong, an actor and advocate for cannabis rights, says that marijuana saved his life. He is also a renowned marijuana user, tommy chongs cbd good vibes reviews having battled cancer twice and won the show Cheech and Chong.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is crucial for mood improvement, digestion as well as heart health as well as brain health and overall health. The Good Vibes Energy Tincture from Tommy Chong Good Vibes Cbd Review Chong is a source of vitamin B6 and comes in both a morning and evening version. Good Vibes is suitable for females and males. It also contains Valerian that promotes deep sleep.

CBD oil found in Tommy's Good Vibes CBD oil is bio-available. It was designed to improve the level of energy, tommy chongs good vibes review focus, and help prevent afternoon crashes. Nano CBD is a patented form of CBD that is easily taken up by the body. This is the primary selling point of the Good Vibes Protocol. It is a proprietary blend of a hemp oil called Nano CBD.

In addition to being a full spectrum, this tincture also has other ingredients that help to improve energy and mood. These ingredients can give you a feeling of happiness throughout the day. Each serving includes 20 drops of CBD oil. A 12-pack of CBD oil costs $50. It's also available as an oral. It is said to ease stiff joints. It is simple to apply and costs less than $10 per bottle.


Tommy Chong, a member the comedy duo Cheech Tommy Chong, who is a member of the comedy duo Cheech Chong is a fervent advocate for tommy chong good vibes Cbd review marijuana. His hemp products do not contain THC and use Nano CBD to increase the bioavailability of CBD, for instance CBD. Find out more about Tommy Chong here. We've collected the most important facts about Tommy Chong. It's time that we all listened to his story.

Tommy Chong is a cannabis celebrity, best known for his famous weed-related films and albums. His support for the cannabis movement has led him to create his own line of CBD products. The products are expensive but they're premium CBD and other cannabis-derived chemicals and flavonoids. Tommy Chong is a strong advocate for cannabis , and even uses cannabis products to fight cancer.

While CBD oil isn’t the most widely used option for cannabis products, it can help you sleep better, increase your energy levels, and improve your mood. For $80 for a bottle each, you can buy the Tommy Chong Good Vibes and Nice Dreams combo pack. The combo pack comes with one bottle of each CBD compound. It's small and has either 50mL or 2 fl Oz.


Tommy Chong's Good Vibes Oil is a top-quality CBD product. These shots supply the body with the benefits of CBD oil and can help improve your sleep. Both are gluten-free and cost around $60 for a bottle of 1 ounce. You can purchase both products either separately or as a combo pack for $80. The package comes with 12 shots. Each shot contains two fl oz or 50 mL of CBD oil.

These CBD products are made from full-spectrum hemp which means that the business utilizes the entire hemp plant. This ensures that you get all the benefits of the ingredients. This method is believed to result in an entourage effect which supports the benefits of each ingredient. Tommy Chong's CBD products are gluten-free. They also come in tinctures. These products are great for those who require more focus and energy.


We can see that Tommy Chong's positive energies aren't limited to being vegan. He has launched his own CBD company and sells various products which contain the healing compound, CBD. The company has an impressive following of 301k Instagram followers and has been included in Forbes, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, LA Weekly and Men's Journal. You may be interested in CBD products made from hemp, soy and glycerin.

The Good Vibes Energy Shots are loaded with CBD and can aid in feeling more energetic. Good Vibes can aid in sleeping better. For a bargain, you can purchase a set of Tommy Chong's Good Vibes and Nice Dreams CBD oil. Both products contain the same CBD, and you can purchase them both for just $80. Each shot has 2 fl. 2 oz of CBD-derived hemp.

The Good Vibes Energy Tincture from Tommy Chong is a great way to get motivated in the morning. This tincture is packed with full-spectrum nano-CBD, taurine, and vitamin B6. Unlike caffeine, Good Vibes doesn't crash you. Instead, it offers an unstoppable flow of energy. It can also be great for helping you focus. Before purchasing it, be sure to read the label.


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